Following continued serious efforts to get people on-board (keep up the great work, Thomas!) we have now reached the magic milestone of 600 active members. We are thrilled and look forward to lots of interaction while we jointly discover what the platform can do for us. It is already clear that it is a nice development for the current students who now have much better access to the network - we look forward to explore ways in which current students also can provide value to the network. 

User #600 to join the platform is Sofia Simoes of batch 6. With a background in industry and a PhD in energy/environmental policy from Leiden University she is currently a senior researcher at the Centre for Environmental Research and Sustainability at NOVA University in Lisbon. Modelling for low carbon energy systems and vulnerability of energy systems to climate change are key areas of expertise. Welcome Sofia - great to have you on-board!

:) Håkan

PS the alumni presently on the platform represent ca 2/3 of the total alumni base from the IIIEE EMP & MESPOM programmes. The requirement to join is a completed semester of studies with us. Current students are listed as such. Staff include both past and present teachers. We are continuing our campaign to get everyone on-board and welcome any support with this DS


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