The capstone client project for b25 is completed and the report is out here. One of the best client reports ever...

Seven projects in Nur Sultan, Nairobi, Lesvos, Figuiera da Foz, Kaliningrad, Västernorrland and Mallorca. Five of these involved alumni: four hosting projects as clients and one identified by an alumn. It is great to have this involvement of alumni, it adds value to the student experience and it just makes the entire process way more fun. Many thanks to @davidhelsing @amaljsamerkhanova @henriquesimoes @nawonkim @mortonhemkhaus for this!!

b25 proved themselves very well - a very solid performance across the lines. From a teachers' perspective it is highly rewarding to see the growth in confidence among the group over the project, and as always it is a privilege to be part of such a unique exercise. 

:) Håkan

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