dear iiiee friends!

Following a continued recruitment effort we are now leaving the three-digit number of alumni still to join the platform. I got a big smile from Thomas this morning when he shared the news that we are now down to exactly 100 alumni on the list of those still to join the platform. It was Lauren from b14 who helped us reach this milestone and it was very nice to get an update from her.

This means that we now have 851 current and former iiiee EMP & MESPOM students on the platform - making up to an amazing 89,5% presence :)) We of course hope to add a few more but we are overall super pleased to be at this level. Our focus, apart from another five to reach 90%, is now gradually shifting to a wish for more content including photos and career info from all. It is a pity that we lost the LinkedIn connection with gdpr - there is still some hope that it will come back but lets not wait for that. 

For those in the vicinity, you are welcome to join us and celebrate the milestone over an iiiee beer en evening in the coming weeks: with b26 we will do an after-work session at the insti. to be announced shortly.

Best regards from all of us in Lund!

:) Håkan

PS we are very pleased to see Excom rolling out the voluntary membership fees - we trust this will secure the Network part of the cost for the platform DS




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