Hej IIIEE friends around the world!

We hope this message catches you well and that the virus impact is manageable on your end. It has indeed become something very dramatic - it was hard to guess this when we were busy with our ordinary insti life a couple of weeks ago. Now the IIIEE is empty as we are all, staff & students, working from home and discovering new ways of how to use zoom and other communication tools (fikas!). The IIIEE as such and our business is not directly threatened - we are privileged in that we will likely keep on getting our pay and we can largely continue with our teaching and reasearch, although in altered format. As of now.

We just wanted to say that you are in our thoughts more than usual, and that it is super nice to see that many batches have intensified communication these days :) What is happening obviously gives us good reason to connect and check on those who are close to us, and a consqeunce of the lock-downs might also be that we get more time to do so. Perhaps we can even discover some good ways to use this communciation platform, eg if a batch wants a separate room to store photos and other common things, or so. 

How will the outbreak affect the sustainability agenda? It would be interesting to share some thougths on this. We opened up a forum thread on the platform for this. It should lead to some opportunitiy. 

I promised an AW at the insti in a previous news. Looks like that will have to wait a bit. We might go for a virtual fika instead.

Do take care! Very best wishes from us here in Lund!!

:) Håkan and the rest of the IIIEEers

PS yes, while this picture is a year old this is just what it looks like in Lund now: sunny and blue scilla in the parks DS


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