A platform milestone has been reached: 900 members!! This thanks to the latest entry of one of our MESPOM graduates. Welcome to the iiiee alumni platform, Ginevra.

For those of us who primarily think of amazing graduation dinner parties on the Danube when we hear MESPOM, times are a-changing. What would have been the last(?) Budapest graduation boat ride later this month, is sadly called off by the virus. Next time around the celebration is likely to be in Vienna, the new home base of MESPOM, after CEU sadly being kicked out of Budapest. Presumably still on the Danube, but new place = new traditions so you never know. 

MESPOM has brought so many exceptional individuals to the iiiee and on to the network. Way beyond what we could imagine when we set up the programme back in 2005 along with our partners from CEU, Manchester and the Aegean. It is exciting to see what the new start in Vienna will result in. The MESPOMers that are on the iiiee platform are the ca two thirds who chose to come to Lund, spend a fall semester at the insti allowing us to get to know them well. Plus some wannabees ;) such as Ginevra from the Manchester track. The MESPOM alumni just recently founded their own alumni organisation and we look forward to see a close and fruitful cooperation with them. 

Stay well!

:) Håkan

PS your diligent ExCom get exra wide smiles on their faces when they see membership payment stats rise - helping to ensure the financial viability of the platform. The payments are smooth to do on the platform

PSPS make sure to join in the virtualisation of the alumni network, eg the Virtual Roundtables set up by ExCom and the Virtual Pubs orchestrated from Thomas balcony


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