We have reached 90%! 90%!!  Nine out of ten of our alumni are now members on the alumni platform. We are super pleased to get to celebrate this milestone acheivement. To have our alumni family gathered, virtually, this way both feels great and also contitutes the basis for the activity on the platform so that we can continue to grow the action there. Including activities such as:

  • finding a job or an employee
  • putting out questions to dicuss a current topic
  • joining events such as the roundtables, conferences and pubs
  • looking up who you have nearby - at home or when you travel
  • sharing cool reports/videos that can be useful or inspirational to others
  • help make the education better and more fun by meeting students or reading a thesis
  • joining the mentoring programme
  • stay tuned with what goes on at the good old iiiee

It is all about the people. Hence our happiness in reaching this milestone and we look forward to many more happy and productive moments together.


:) Håkan

PS It was Randy from b17, now working with banking in Jakarta, who brought us up to the 90%. Welcome, great to have you here!

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