26 June 15.15 in Håkans office = the official launch fika of the Alumni platform!

Finally we are on our way. This feels great. Thanks to Enrique Figallo for pushing the idea of an alumni platform and then helping making it come true, no win the last weeks toghether with fellow excom member Anna Barford and myself. Now lets see how fast we can get people onboard. For those of you who followed the live launch fika you will know that Thomas thinks 300 registered by graduation is too modest an ambition - lets hope he is right. You will also mnow about the Åke Trophy which he will give to the batch with the highest rate of registry - we will have to push him for more details on this competition :)

We had an immediate inflow of people to the platform so the logon apparently works. But there will of course be teething issues.

:) Håkan

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