Dear alumni,

The campaign to get members onto the platform is pushing on at good pace. Today we had #400 signed up and activated - there are another 40+ that have signed up but not yet activated their account. Quite an achievement! I had a senior alumni professional tell me that we should be happy if we would have 300 in a year - interesting benchmark. Nevertheless there are still lots of our dear alumni out there still to get on-board so the campaign continues. 

Adding people is top priority - the value to all increases significantly as numbers go up. The best batches, where more than 2/3 have joined (no one has reached 90%), are 1, 12, 20-9, 21-10, 22-11 & 23-12. MESPOM and EMP sign-up rates are at the same level and overall ca half of the network is on-board. Please help to get your remaining buddies in! 

Next step down the will be content - we welcome all to play with the functions of the platform so we can see what may be interesting to pursue. 

Greetings from the exceptionally full house in Lund! 29 b24 + 28 b25 + soon 14 MESPOM b13 - it is going to be an intense and fun fall semester.

:) Håkan


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