Today we reached 500 active members on the platform. Really cool :) :) :)

Member #500 to join was Carin Breitholtz. Carin is EMP b14 and built the foundation for her career at LEGO and Vestas in Denmark. Nowadays she lives in Stockholm holding a position as Manager at Deloitte. Great to have you on-board Carin along with all of us 499 others!

We are now well above half of the alumni to have registered on the platform. This is a fantastic achievement :) but of course the only way is up - the more the merrier. The greatest contribution you can do for the platform at this moment is to get some of your still-missing batch-mates to join. Please help out with this - there is so much effort (by many) put into this platform so we can of course not have people missing out ;)

:) Håkan

PS there are actually another 46 users that we have accepted but still are to activate their accounts - that can also be reminded about.

PSPS while still greatly enjoying each time another one of our dear alumni joins, and keeping the push for more, we are now starting to focus more on content. more to come on this soon


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