Here you can learn about how to host internships and the connected process & details.

Welcome to the IIIEE internship course and thank you for your interest in hosting an EMP student!


What’s all this?
In the revised EMP programme we offer students the possibility to participate in an internship experience; a new course has therefore been added to the roster – Environmental Management and Policy – Internship (7,5 ECTS).
The aim of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the programme within the context of a business or policy organisation. The students will get the chance to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the demands placed upon, and skills required of, a sustainability professional in a practical, real-life scenario.

In addition
You may also offer internships outside of this course (particualrly during the summer break). Feel free to offer any kind of internships tot he students - the details and key dates below do not apply then.


Would you like to host and EMP intern?

What you get is an ambitious, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable student who can support your organisation during its ongoing work, and simultaneously provide new insights and approaches. The EMP master’s programme is a two-year programme and the internship course is held at the end of the second semester. Students have taken the following courses before the internship starts:

Fundamentals for sustainability professionals: Environmental Science and the Anthropocene (5 ECTS), Conceptualisations of Sustainability (5 ECTS), Fundamentals of Technical Systems (5 ECTS), Fundamentals of Economics and Economic (5 ECTS), Valuation of Environmental Change (5 ECTS), Life Cycle Assessment (3 ECTS)

Environmental Management: Introduction to Business Management and Corporate Responsibility (5 ECTS), Corporate Environmental Management (7 ECTS), Sustainability and Business Value Creation (5 ECTS)

Environmental Policy: Introduction to Policy and Law (5 ECTS), Environmental Law and Policy in Practice (7,5 ECTS)



When and for how long?
Students are now beginning to search for internship opportunities and will be ready to start their internship on May 6th 2019 *. The minimum time is 5 weeks of full-time work. The timeframe can be extended up to 10 weeks if both the student and the host organisation wish to prolong the internship.


What does my organisation need to do?

We wish to, respectfully, convey four basic requirements to the host:


      1. That you assign some form of concrete task(s) to the student during the internship. The tasks(s) should be sufficiently complex and demanding to enable the student to apply the knowledge acquired in the courses of the EMP Programme leading up to the internship.  
      2.  That you, as far as possible & appropriate, allow student to participate in meetings and other activities. These should be related to either the department where the student is located or the project(s) the student is contributing to.
      3. That you provide a place to work for the student.
      4. That you provide a mentor, who is willing to support the student during the course of the internship. This includes (but is not limited to) making necessary introductions, discussing work as it progresses, as well as follow up on and, if needed, adjust the internship plan.


Students will of course appreciate financial support, e.g. to cover any additional cost for travel and accommodation associated with the internship. If you can cover such costs, you will have a wider group of potential applicants to select from, although this is not a specific requirement from our side. A possible remuneration for the internship itself is to be agreed upon between the student and your organisation.**


What role is the IIIEE playing during the course?
Once you have selected and confirmed a candidate the IIIEE will provide a template for an internship plan sketching out the practical details of the internship.

The IIIEE will also provide a template for a standardized internship agreement between your organisation, the student, and the IIIEE.


The IIIEE will allocate a mentor from the IIIEE staff that will be able to provide advice and guidance during the course of the internship. The course is set up to yield two deliverables:


  1. A deliverable as defined by the internship host, with a wide range of possible areas: For example, decision support, creating reports (e.g. review & synthesis, policy brief, benchmarking, customer survey or other form analysis), drafting educational material, marketing material or other information material
  1. A final essay reflecting on the internship experience submitted to the IIIEE and designed to encourage the students to reflect thoroughly on their own skills, experience, perceptions & career goals, as well as on the role of a sustainability professional in general terms.


Sounds great – now what?

To sign up go to….. (Hivebrite ‘opportunities’) and provide a short description of your company, the job/deliverables and the type of person you are looking for. Just like a regular job ad. (Please do not forget to include important details and contact information).


VIDs – Very Important dates

Students are already looking for opportunities! Please register your interest/offer as soon as possible, but no later than the end of December 2018.

1st February 2019 – In order to allow students sufficient planning time, please confirm the internship to your selected candidate latest on this day


6th May 2019 – Starting date of the internship




For any questions, please refer to director of education Beatrice Kogg.
Tel: 046-220224



* The start date can, under certain circumstances and after consultation with the course coordinator, be adjusted to some extent.

** Keep in mind that employers attract the best talent, not only because money is a big motivator, but also because it helps attract a larger group of highly qualified individuals, including those who may not be able to work pro bono due to financial need. Moreover, pay is an integral part of treating interns as professionals making them more likely to play the part and more interested in joining your company full-time after the internship.